Wine production

When it comes to wine making, the use of traditional yeasts, combined with very slow bottle fermentation in our (10°clesius) 25 metres deep cellars, give our wines extremely fine bubbles. With the exception of L.d’Harbonville, none of our assemblages are written in stone, each year is a new challenge to make the very best of each harvest. At Ployez-Jacquemart we feel that Champagne is no different to other long established wine growing areas like Bordeaux or Burgundy and we follow a very strict policy of “quality not quantity”. Our mission is to leave the structure of each wine intact, letting the true character and personality of the harvest shine through. When the time comes to disgorge, after up to 12 years in our cellars, only a very minimal “dosage” is added , typically 3-4g/litre. This method helps us to produce aromatic fruity wines with a very clean palate and a long finish whilst paying close attention to the fine balance between alcohol/acidity and complexity/freshness.