Pressing and wine making

Strict rules are followed each year to ensure that the very best is made of each harvest. We use a blend of grapes from our own Grands Crus vineyards, and produce from a handful of carefully selected wine growers, many of whom we have been working with for 30 years. All the grapes are hand-picked and sorted by variety, cru and specific vineyard – this forms the basis for the pressing at the estate. No expense is spared; only the best  juice from the first pressing is considered of sufficient quality for our use. Laurence Ployez’ s meticulous attention to every detail is evident at every stage of the process. Grape musts are left to settle not once but twice before fermentation. The wine is moved frequently from one vat to another to ensure a high level of oxygenation; only light filtration is used for wines produced in vats but none at all for those vinified or aged in wooden barrels or foudres.